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Magnat products are developed in the laboratories at the company's head office

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Few names in the world of high-end audio can claim such an illustrious history as Marantz

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Ability to combine performance with elegance has led to a wide range of innovative products.

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Our vision is to fill every home with music and make listening a valued experience again.

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Oehlbach, we demand highest quality standards of product manufacturing, sales and service.



Sound and image stir up deep emotions in humans. The elements that eyes and ears initially adopt directly as information and signals are then processed into emotions by the brain as the things that we experience as "seeing" and "hearing". For this, the richness and quality of that which is received is extremely important for the intensity of the emotions felt – the more diverse, versatile and clear the audiovisual information when we receive it, the deeper the feelings that we can develop. This is exactly what OEHLBACH® offers: with the aim of transporting sounds and images in the purest quality available without any technical losses, OEHLBACH® connections allow intensive senses to be awoken. So this is not just about sound and image, but rather a guarantee for pure emotion!

For 35 years, the OEHLBACH® company has represented efficient connections and optimum signal and data transport between two points – sound and image are always on the right path at OEHLBACH®. Our most important aim is to satisfy our customers!

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